Prolific: Promoting Digital Rights Literacy for Including Citizens


Tools for empowering the digital rights of vulnerable groups


What do you need?

Digital Rights First-Aid Kit

Wiki style quick and easy information on digital rights violations that vulnerable groups often suffer.

Tailored handbooks

Create the manual you need tailored to the needs of the group you are teaching.


Beautiful digital rights infografics ideal for class use.

Practical Guide

A quick and practical guide for trainers.


Test your group's prior knowledge.


Who we are, why we developed Prolific, how we create the content and who is funding the project.


How we are promoting Prolific.


Share your Prolific experience.

About Prolific

Who is behind the content?

Prolific is the result of the cooperation between Fundación Instituto Hermes (Spain), Fundação Dr. José Lourenço Júnior (Portugal), Cooperativa Margherita (Italy), Polibienestar-Universitat de València (Spain) and KVeloce (Spain).

Why Prolific?

Cyberscams, grooming, fake news, hate speech or cyberbullying are real social problems linked to the digitalization of European societies. Vunerable groups such as elderly people, people with mental disabilities or migrants, suffer disproportionately from all these crimes that infringe upon their Digital Rights. But, organizations who work with them, such Fundação Dr. José Lourenço Júnior or Cooperativa Margherita lack access to reference materials that are tailored to the specific needs of the collectives they work with, and the needs of educators who need manuals written in their own language.

How contents were designed

Fundação Dr. José Lourenço Júnior, Cooperativa Margherita and Polibienestar-Universitat de València (Spain) developed focus groups involving dozens of people from vulnerable groups and their educators which took on the task of mapping out their most common needs and handicaps. Basing itself on the findings of these focus groups Fundación Instituto Hermes developed the software and the specific contents. The results were tested and improved afterward by educators with their groups in the three countries of origin of the organizations that make up Prolific. Finally, they were evaluated by Kveloce, an independent I+D+i consultancy. The final result is the content you can download in this platform.

Will you upload new content in the future?

Yes, Prolific will be permantently updated and it will host new contents as new organizations and professionals share new needs, new problems and new experiences.

Who is funding the project?

Prolific is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union (2020-1-ES01-KA204-082419).

Disseminating Prolific

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